The XpdfWidget/Qt™ class provides a PDF file viewer widget for the Qt cross-platform GUI framework. XpdfWidget can be used to add PDF viewing capability to a Qt app on Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux, and MacOS.

XpdfWidget works with Qt 4.x and Qt 5.x.

XpdfWidget is based on the same proven code used in Glyph & Cog's XpdfViewer library. Like XpdfViewer, XpdfWidget provides the developer with full control over the PDF viewer – XpdfWidget fits into your GUI, not the other way around.

XpdfWidget features include:

XpdfWidget is a Qt Widget subclass, so you can use it just like you would use any other Qt widget. For more information, you can browse the full XpdfWidget/Qt documentation.

Printing support for Windows, Mac, and Linux is available for XpdfWidget/Qt.

XpdfWidget/Qt is available in source code form only.

Supported platforms:

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