Glyph & Cog Delivers PDF Extraction Libraries

San Jose, CA - July 29, 2002 - Glyph & Cog, LLC, developers of the Xpdf family of PDF extraction and viewer software, is pleased to announce the XpdfInfo™ and XpdfText™ libraries, available immediately.

Targeted at software developers working with PDF files, the Glyph & Cog libraries provide access to PDF content, with a flexible API usable from any computer language, on multiple platforms.

"With the XpdfInfo and XpdfText libraries, developers have an efficient way to access PDF content," says Dr. Derek Noonburg, President. "Glyph & Cog's goal is to make it easy for application developers to get information from PDF documents. Our software hides the complexity of reading and parsing PDF files."

Glyph & Cog's XpdfInfo library provides access to the document metadata present in all PDF files. Developers can use XpdfInfo to extract the title, subject, author, creation date, and other standard descriptive fields. In addition, XpdfInfo can read custom fields inserted by other software.

The XpdfText library extracts plain text from PDF files. It can be used as a frontend for a search engine or any other application that needs access to PDF content. XpdfText includes full support for Unicode and Asian (CJK) languages. Text output can be generated in various, user-selectable, and user-definable encodings.

Both libraries are built on the Xpdf code base, which has been under development since 1995, and supports the latest PDF specification.

Both the XpdfInfo and XpdfText library are available now on multiple platforms:

For more information about the XpdfInfo and XpdfText libraries, see our web site,, or send email to

About Glyph & Cog

Glyph & Cog develops software for manipulating electronic documents. The company was formed in 2002 to support and commercialize the Xpdf project. Glyph & Cog is dedicated to continuing the open source Xpdf project, as well as providing commercially licensed software. Current offerings include software libraries, components, and consulting services related to reading, viewing, and converting PDF files.