The XpdfWidget/Qt™ class provides a PDF file viewer widget for the Qt cross-platform GUI framework. XpdfWidget can be used to add PDF viewing capability to a Qt app on Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux, and MacOS.

XpdfWidget works with Qt 4.x and Qt 5.x.

XpdfWidget is based on the same proven code used in Glyph & Cog's XpdfViewer library. Like XpdfViewer, XpdfWidget provides the developer with full control over the PDF viewer – XpdfWidget fits into your GUI, not the other way around.

XpdfWidget features include:

XpdfWidget is a Qt Widget subclass, so you can use it just like you would use any other Qt widget. For more information, you can browse the full XpdfWidget/Qt documentation.

XpdfWidget/Qt is available in source code form only.

If you'd like to see what XpdfWidget looks like in action, you can download the free XpdfReader application. The source code (subject to the GPL) is also available on that site.

Supported platforms:

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