Developer / Run-Time Licensing

For in-house use, or for small-scale software distribution, binary licensing for Glyph & Cog products is structured as follows:

Example 1:

Let's say you have one developer working on an application that will be installed on 10 computers in your office, and you'd like to use XpdfPrint in that application.

You would need one XpdfPrint developer license and 10 XpdfPrint run-time licenses.

Example 2:

Taking another example, let's say that your company is developing an application for sale. You have two developers who will be working with XpdfViewer, but you're not sure yet how many copies of the application you will sell.

In this situation, you would need two XpdfViewer developer licenses, and you could buy XpdfViewer run-time licenses (50 or 100 at a time to get the volume discount) as needed when you start shipping your app to customers.


Pricing for XpdfViewer, XpdfPrint, XpdfText, XpdfRasterizer, XpdfPS, and XpdfImageExtract:

licenselist price (USD)
developer license$500
5+ run-time licenses$20/each
50+ run-time licenses$15/each
100+ run-time licenses$10/each
250+ run-time licenses$8/each
500+ run-time licenses$6/each
1000+ run-time licenses$5/each

Pricing for XpdfInfo, XpdfAnalyze, and XpdfSplice:

licenselist price (USD)
developer license$250
5+ run-time licenses$10/each
50+ run-time licenses$7.50/each
100+ run-time licenses$5/each
250+ run-time licenses$4/each
500+ run-time licenses$3/each
1000+ run-time licenses$2.50/each

All prices are in US Dollars. For run-time licenses, the minimum order is five.


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