Source Licensing

If your application needs more PDF functionality than the Glyph & Cog libraries provide, an Xpdf source license is the solution. With a source license, you'll have the ability to directly use the Xpdf source code in your application.

Xpdf includes:

Xpdf is a modular C++ application. The code is portable and is known to compile under Microsoft's VC++, GNU gcc, LLVM/clang, and major Unix vendors' compilers.

The Xpdf backend interface is flexible, and can easily be adapted to your application, whether it's a custom viewer, conversion tool, or something completely different.

Check it out for yourself – download the Xpdf source code.

Additional Components

There are a few modules which are not part of the open source Xpdf releases, but which are available for licensing. Please Contact us if you are interested in any of these.

XpdfWidget is a PDF display component for Qt.

WinXpdf is all of the Xpdf code, plus the Windows-specific viewing and printing code (used in XpdfViewer and XpdfPrint).

A DeviceN rasterizer add-on is available. This extends the Xpdf rasterizer to support DeviceN (CMYK + spot colors) output, including overprint capability. The DeviceN add-on also includes support for color management.

XpdfRMW adds the ability to create new PDF files, based on pages from input PDF files. XpdfRMW is the basis of our XpdfSplice product.

Additionally, we can provide consulting services to help you integrate Xpdf with your application. Contact Glyph & Cog for more details.