The XpdfSplice™ library/component allows you to split and/or combine PDF files.

XpdfSplice extracts pages from input PDF documents and combines them together into output PDF documents. This process can involve any number of input files and any number of output files - for example, you can:

The core functionality is based on a single function: take a specified page from an input PDF file and append it to a new, output PDF file. With that single function, any combination of splitting and merging is possible.

XpdfSplice is easy to use:

pdf = new XpdfSplice.XpdfSplice in1 = pdf.openInput("input1.pdf") in2 = pdf.openInput("input2.pdf") out1 = pdf.openOutput("output1.pdf", 1.7) out2 = pdf.openOutput("output2.pdf", 1.7) ' copy page 1 from both input documents to the first output document pdf.addPage in1, 1, out1 pdf.addPage in2, 1, out1 ' copy page 2 from both input documents to the second output document pdf.addPage in1, 2, out2 pdf.addPage in2, 2, out2 pdf.closeInput in1 pdf.closeInput in2 pdf.closeOutput out1 pdf.closeOutput out2

Supported platforms:

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