The XpdfViewer® library / ActiveX control provides a PDF file viewer component for use in Windows applications. XpdfViewer enables any Windows developer to add PDF viewing capability to their application. It provides the developer with full control over the PDF viewer – XpdfViewer fits into your GUI, not the other way around.

XpdfViewer features include:

The ActiveX version of XpdfViewer works with Visual Basic, Delphi, Internet Explorer, and any other ActiveX-compatible development environment. Once it's installed, the XpdfViewer icon appears in the "toolbox". Just click on the icon and place an XpdfViewer window in your form.

Once you have an XpdfViewer object instantiated, you can do things like:

viewer.loadFile("myFile.pdf") ... viewer.gotoNextPage()

The DLL version is also easy to use:

// create the window HWND viewerWnd = CreateWindow("static", ...); // attach a PDF viewer to the window PDFViewerHandle viewer; pdfCreateViewer(&viewer, viewerWnd); // control the viewer pdfLoadFile(viewer, "myFile.pdf"); ... pdfGotoNextPage(viewer); ...

Supported platforms:

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