Add a blank page to a print job.
This function adds a blank page to a print job (which was started by calling the startJob function).

This is useful, for example, to align sections of a duplex print job.

' set up a duplex print job pdf.printer = "printer55" pdf.duplex = pdf.duplexVert pdf.startJob() ' print the first section pdf.loadFile("file1.pdf") pdf.paperID = 1 pdf.pages = .... pdf.printToJob() ' if the first section had an odd number of pages, add a blank page so that ' the next section starts on the front side of a sheet If (pdf.printJobPageCount() and 1) = 1 Then pdf.printBlankPageToJob() End If ' print the next section set otherPDF = new XpdfPrint.XpdfPrint() otherPDF.loadFile("file2.pdf") pdf.pages = .... pdf.printOtherFileToJob(otherPDF) ... ' finish the print job pdf.finishJob