Start a print job.
If you need to modify parameters for different pages within a print job, or if you need to combine pages from multiple PDF files into a single print job, you can use XpdfPrint's print job API. It requires a few additional steps (compared to printPDF4), but is more flexible.

The startJob function starts a print job. The following parameters must be set before calling startJob (and any changes to these parameters made after calling startJob will be ignored):

After calling startJob, you can use printToJob to add pages to the print job. Finally, use finishJob to complete the print job.
' set parameters that apply to the whole print job pdf.printer = "printer55" pdf.startJob() ' set parameters that apply to the next part of the print job pdf.loadFile("file1.pdf") pdf.paperID = 1 pdf.pages = "3-5" pdf.printToJob() ' set parameters for the next part of the print job pdf.loadFile("file2.pdf") pdf.paperID = 2 pdf.pages = "2-4" pdf.printToJob() ... ' finish the print job pdf.finishJob()