Add pages from another PDF file to a print job.
printOtherFileToJob([in] IXpdfPrint *otherPDF)
This function adds one or more pages, from a different PDF file, to a print job (which was started by calling the startJob function).

This function does the same thing as printToJob, except that it takes pages from a different PDF file. See the sample code below.

IMPORTANT: All printing parameters (pages, paper bin, ...) are taken from the main XpdfPrint object, not from otherPDF. Only the PDF file is taken from otherPDF.

' set parameters that apply to the whole print job pdf.printer = "printer55" pdf.startJob() ' set parameters that apply to the next part of the print job pdf.loadFile("file1.pdf") pdf.paperID = 1 pdf.pages = "3-5" pdf.printToJob() ' load a different PDF file into a new XpdfPrint object set otherPDF = new XpdfPrint.XpdfPrint() otherPDF.loadFile("file2.pdf") pdf.paperID = 2 pdf.pages = "2-6" ' note: pages come from [otherPDF], but parameters come from [pdf] pdf.printOtherFileToJob(otherPDF) ... ' finish the print job pdf.finishJob()