Return the name of the last Win32 API function to fail.
getWin32ErrorFunc([out, retval] BSTR *func)
Returns the name of the last Win32 API function to fail on this thread. Returns an empty string if there is no saved function name, i.e., if no Win32 API functions have failed since the last call to clearWin32ErrorInfo.

Call clearWin32ErrorInfo first to clear any saved function name and error code.

Each thread has its own, independent saved error function and code.

This function is only available on Windows.

Win32 error info is currently saved only for printing functions.

pdf.clearWin32ErrorInfo() Try ... pdf.printPDF4() ... Catch e func = pdf.getWin32ErrorFunc() code = pdf.getWin32ErrorCode() If func <> "" Then ' ... error was caused by [func] / [code] End If End Try