Event fired at the end of each page.
[event] gdiOverlay([in] LONG dc, [in] int pageNum, [in] int pageWidth, [in] int pageHeight, [in] int hDPI, [in] int vDPI)
This event is called at the end of each printed page. The event handler can use standard Windows GDI calls to add arbitrary overlays to the printed output.

The event will be called with the following arguments:

The GDI overlay event is only called in GDI mode (i.e., for non-PostScript printers, or if forceGDI is true).
' Use the "WithEvents" tag so VB will allow you to attach event handlers. private WithEvents pdf As XpdfPrint.XpdfPrint .... Sub pdf_gdiOverlay(dc As Long, pageNum As Long, _ pageWidth As Long, pageHeight As Long, _ hDPI As Long, vDPI As Long) Handles pdf.gdiOverlay ' draw overlay content using the HDC handle, dc .... End Sub