Add a page from an input PDF file to an output PDF file, with a rotation.
int xpdfSpliceAddPageRotated(XpdfSpliceInputHandle in, int pageNum, int rotation, XpdfSpliceOutputHandle out)
This function copies one page, given by pageNum, from an input PDF file, in, and appends it to an output PDF file, out.

The new page will be rotated by rotation degrees clockwise (relative to its appearance in the input PDF file). Rotations of 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees are allowed.

The xpdfSpliceAddPageRotated function returns non-zero if successful, or zero on error.

XpdfSpliceInputHandle in; XpdfSpliceOutputHandle out; in = xpdfSpliceOpenInput("c:/test/input.pdf"); out = xpdfSpliceOpenOutput("c:/test/output.pdf"); /* append page 3 of input.pdf to output.pdf, with a 90-degree rotation */ xpdfSpliceAddPageRotated(in, 3, 90, out);