Close an output PDF file.
char *xpdfSpliceCloseOutputMem(XpdfSpliceOutputHandle out, int *length)
This function closes an output PDF file that was opened with xpdfSpliceOpenOutputMem.

This function returns a pointer to the generated PDF data, and returns the size of that data in *length.

The caller is responsible for freeing the returned pointer after using it, by calling xpdfSpliceFreeMemory.

XpdfSpliceOutputHandle out; char *pdfData; int pdfDataLength; out = xpdfSpliceOpenOutputMem("test123.pdf", 11, 1.6); if (!out) { /* handle the error */ } ... pdfData = xpdfSpliceCloseOutputMem(out, &pdfDataLength); /* ... use pdfDataLength bytes at pdfData ... */ xpdfSpliceFreeMemory(pdfData);