How do I use the xpdfrc configuration file with XpdfViewer and the other DLLs and COM components?

Applies to: XpdfInfo, XpdfText, XpdfViewer, XpdfPrint, XpdfRasterizer, XpdfAnalyze, XpdfPS, XpdfImageExtract

All of the Glyph & Cog tools read an (optional) configuration file with various global settings. To use this config file with the Windows DLLs and COM components, simply create a text file called "xpdfrc" in the same directory as the DLL, COM component, or ActiveX control. This must be a plain text file (not Word or RTF) with no file name extension (correct: xpdfrc; incorrect: xpdfrc.txt).

Documentation on the configuration settings, i.e., available commands for the xpdfrc file, can be found in the documentation for the DLL or COM component.