Xpdf Version 4.02 Released

2019 Sep 25

Welcome to Glyph & Cog's newsletter for September 2019.

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Xpdf 4.02 released

Glyph & Cog is pleased to announce version 4.02 of Xpdf and all of the Xpdf libraries and components.

4.02 is primarily a bug fix release. As usual, this is an incremental release. For our commercial licensees, 4.02 is a small step from the previous 4.01.04 release.

4.02 does include several minor security patches, so we recommend that everyone upgrade.

There are some new features in the open source release:

XFA Rasterization

Interactive forms in PDF file come in three flavors:

Xpdf can currently display AcroForms and static XFA forms (though it doesn't provide interactive form filling).

We're working on a dynamic XFA rasterizer, which converts dynamic XFA forms to "flattened" PDF files. If you're interested in this functionality, please contact us: info@glyphandcog.com.

Future plans

We're hard at work on Xpdf 5.0. It will take advantage of newer C++ features, including better memory management. It will also include architectural changes incorporating everything we've learned from 24 years of working with the current Xpdf codebase.

Before you ask -- no, we don't have a timeframe yet. But we'll certainly continue to provide updates via this newsletter.

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