Xpdf Version 4.01 Released

2019 Feb 18

Welcome to Glyph & Cog's newsletter for February 2019.

Table of contents:

Xpdf 4.01 released

Glyph & Cog is pleased to announce version 4.01 of Xpdf and all of the Xpdf libraries and components.

4.01 is primarily a bug fix release. As usual, this is an incremental release. For our commercial licensees, 4.01 is a small step from the previous 4.00.11 release.

4.01 does include a few minor security patches, so we recommend that everyone upgrade.

16-bit rasterizer

We now have a 16-bit PDF rasterizer available for source code licensing. This includes support for 16-bit color components in RGB, CMYK, and DeviceN output, as well as color management.

If you'd like more information on this, or if you're interested in testing it, please contact us.

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