Load a highlight file.
int pdfLoadHighlightFile2(PDFViewerHandle viewer, char *fileName, COLORREF color, COLORREF selectColor, BOOL selectable)
This function reads an XML highlight file (as generated by search engines like dtSearch).

For each entry in the highlight file, this function creates a highlighted region - similar to calling pdfAddRegion with the specified color, selectColor, and selectable arguments.

pdfLoadHighlightFile2 returns pdfOk on success, or an error code on failure.

Note that the highlight file must use character offsets ("<Body units=characters...>"), not word offsets ("units=words"). Word offsets are dependent on the algorithm used to find word boundaries, which makes them somewhat inconsistent.

pdfLoadHighlightFile(viewer, "c:\test\highlights.xml", RGB(0, 0, 255));