Print a PDF file to a DC.
int pdfPrintToDC2(PDFHandle pdf, HDC printDC)
This function prints the currently open PDF file to an already open DC (Windows device context). The caller is responsible for creating the DC and calling StartDoc and EndDoc.

This can be used to do things like:

Note: The printer name must be set (using pdfPrintSetPrinter) before calling pdfPrintToDC2, because pdfPrintToDC2 needs to be able to query the printer for various information.

The following parameters may be used, with the same behavior as for pdfPrint4:

All other parameters are ignored.
dc = CreateDC( ... ); StartDoc( ... ); /* ... non-PDF printing ... */ pdfPrintSetPrinter(pdf, L"LaserJet"); /* ... set other printing parameters ... */ pdfPrintToDC2(pdf, dc); /* ... more non-PDF printing ... */ EndDoc(dc); DeleteDC(dc);