Form Fields

Form fields (if any) are written after the vector graphics content. Each field on the page is described by a formfield element:
<formfield type="field-type" name="field-name" llx="lower-left-x" lly="lower-left-y" urx="upper-right-x" ury="upper-right-y"> font="font-tag" fontSize="font-size" <color type="rgb" r="red" g="green" b="blue"/> <value>field-value</value> </formfield>
The field type and field name are dependent on the form type (AcroForm vs XFA).

The field value element will only be present if the field has a current value. Its format depends on the field type.

The bounding box (llx, lly, urx, ury) is identical in format to the word bounding box. Units are controlled by the -unit option.

The font tag refers to a font in the resources element. The font size is in the units specified with the -unit option.

The color element is the same as used with words.