Convert a page to a Picture object.
convertPageToPicture([in] int page, [in] double dpi, [in] int color, [out, retval] IUnknown **pic)
This function converts a PDF page to a Picture object (OLE IPicture interface).

The arguments are:

Note that the color settings are read-only properties on the COM component, so you'll need to use pdf.imageMono, etc.

The imageDevNToRGB mode produces RGB output like imageRGB, but does the rasterization in DeviceN (CMYK + spot colors) so overprint previews will be more accurate.

The imageGrayToMono mode does the rasterization in 8-bit grayscale and converts to 1-bit monochrome at the end. This is useful for files that use transparency – because 1-bit monochrome mode doesn't support transparency.

' convert page 5 to a 72 dpi color Picture object picBox.Picture = pdf.convertPageToPicture(5, 72, pdf.imageRGB)