Get a printer name.
char *pdfGetPrinterName(int printerIdx, char *buf, int bufSize)
This function returns the name of the printerIdxth available printer.

printerIdx must be between 0 and n-1, where n is the value returned by pdfGetNumPrinters.

The printer name will be returned in buf (up to bufSize-1 characters).

Returns buf on success, or NULL on failure.

Note: pdfGetNumPrinters and pdfGetPrinterName are just simple wrappers around Windows functions. There is no requirement to use these functions if you already know the printer name that you want to use.

int nPrinters, i; char name[256]; nPrinters = pdfGetNumPrinters(); for (i = 0; i < nPrinters; ++i) { pdfGetPrinterName(i, name, sizeof(name)); printf("printer %d: %s\n", i, name); }