Get an image matrix.
getImageMatrix([in] int idx, [out] double *m0, [out] double *m1, [out] double *m2, [out] double *m3, [out] double *m4, [out] double *m5)
This function returns the image matrix for the idxth image on the page specified in the last call to getImages.

The returned matrix is the PDF/PostScript-style matrix used to transform a 1x1 square to the target region where the image will be drawn. This information can be used to derive the horizontal and vertical image resolution (assuming a straight rotation with no shearing) - see the example code below.

Dim m0 As Double, m1 As Double, m2 As Double Dim m3 As Double, m4 As Double, m5 As Double Dim hRes As Double, vRes As Double pdf.getImages 1 nImgs = pdf.numImages For i = 0 To nImgs-1 pdf.getImageMatrix i, m0, m1, m2, m3, m4, m5 hRes = (w / Sqr(m0 * m0 + m1 * m1)) * 72 vRes = (h / Sqr(m2 * m2 + m3 * m3)) * 72 MsgBox "image " & i & ": " & hRes & " x " & vRes & " pixels per inch" Next i